Your European Memories in Oil Paints on Canvas

European Art Commissions is a unique service which will take your fondest European memory and turn it into a beautiful oil painting on canvas. A treasured memento of your travels which will be cherished by you and your family for years to come. Whether a favorite vacation spot, historic site, or ancestral town or village, I will personally travel to any European destination you specify and create a painting of the exact scene or location you desire. It will painted to your exact specifications as to size, location and even the time of day.

Custom paintings of Europe are priced starting at $1500 up to 24" in length. Larger dimensions available at additional cost.

Thank you,

Ron Johnston


Phone:  (216) 571-5065

"Pont Neuf II" 8"x10"

"Pont Des Arts" 9"x10"

"In the Garden" 24"x28"

"Croagh Patrick" 20"x24"

"West of Newport" 20"x24"